About US

OBVIUS is a collaboration of immensely experienced individuals perfectly suited to bring innovation to life

Ian Richardson – Director

When I entered the promotional products industry over 15 years ago, it was a dynamic and vibrant industry. Our Customer’s marketing budgets were unlimited, they had the time and resource to research and identify promotional products to best suit each of their marketing initiatives. Many of you may remember these heady times.

Our industry supported this methodology by providing one-on-one consultancy, concept development, financial presentation and hands-on management of the process of producing the finished goods. This labour-intensive approach met the market at the time.

Business has changed significantly over the past 15 years. No longer do customers have the time, resource or budgets that they once enjoyed. This all changed after the GFC in 2008. Regrettably, the approach to the provision of promotional products in Australia has not adapted.

For the last decade, as a leader within a public and multi-national organisation providing many of Australia’s largest corporations promotional merchandise, I became increasingly discouraged by the lack of innovation within the promotional products industry, whilst observing the growth of e-commerce globally.

Unable to ignore stagnation and the frustrations of time poor Customers, suffering the over complicated and labour intensive approach to the procurement of promotional products in Australia, I set about seeking a partner to complement my vision to impose overdue change on the industry.


Haydn Sheehan – Director

With 20 years in IT and Project Delivery across Defence, Financial Services and Supply Chain industries, I have been fortunate to experience some of the largest IT and business project delivery environments in Australia, including launching major online systems and contactless payments capability into the market, all of which are still being utilised today.

Throughout my career, I have maintained the mantra that ‘technology is an enabler of business’. I have realised this by working with all levels of organisations, from front line staff to corporate executives and small business owners to identify, define and deliver updates to their technology environment to support their business needs, streamline processes and make it easier for staff and/or customers to leverage the capability.

Having known Ian for several years, we had often discussed the technological advancement organisations were undertaking to deliver business efficiencies, and as a result, improve Customer satisfaction. When I moved away from corporate roles, consulting into Small and Medium Enterprises across diverse industries, my desire to ‘make a difference’ to a new industry grew.

Delivering innovation to a stagnant promotional products industry was a prospect I had considered for some time. Once Ian and I began discussing our visions, it was evident we were aligned in our thinking. The challenge of developing and delivering disruptive technology to provide customer and business value is in our DNA.

By collaboratively refining our vision, the outcome is a simple, yet powerful platform for the promotional products industry in Australia designed from a Customer perspective. A result so simple, it is obvius.

At OBVIUS, we believe buying promotional merchandise should leverage e-commerce technology like any other commodity available online today.

So, we engineered our platform from the ground up. We eliminated the timely manual processing proliferating the industry. We made it easier to promote and purchase merchandise and as a result, save time and money.

We trust you will enjoy using the OBVIUS platform.

We are always keen to gather your feedback, ideas or any additional needs.

Please feel free to contact us at web@obvius.com.au.