Boston Mug
With its smooth black matte finish, eye-catching glossy colourful inners and easy ‘grab and go’ handle, the sturdy Boston mug is guaranteed to create envy. Perfect for the coffee or tea drinker.


  • Ceramic mug
  • Matte exterior, Gloss Interior
  • Dishwasher‐resistant and microwave safe
  • Product Material:

  • Product Size:

    87 (h) x 91 (w) mm
  • Product Capacity:

  • Available Colours:

    Matt Black/Black

    Matt Black/Indigo

    Matt Black/Orange

    Matt Black/Red

    Matt Black/Teal

    Matt Black/White

    Matt Black/Yellow

    • Decoration Method:

      One Colour Print
    • Decoration Position/Size:

      One Side :  50 (h) x 50 (w) mm
      Two Sides :  50 (h) x 50 (w) mm
    • Decoration Condition:

      This method is dishwasher?resistant* and microwave safe as well as scratch?resistant, and idealfor every?day promotional, give?away purposes particularly in terms of cost and PMS colour matching. NB: care should be taken to avoid using scourers/sharp objects to clean these mugs.* Harsh detergents and dishwasher chemicals will affect all print finishes. When possible, we recommend you only use a dishwasher liquid, rather than dishwasher tablets (such as ‘power ball’ tablets). Tablets are highly corrosive and can not only damage items in your dishwasher, but also the dishwasher’s pipes). To extend the ‘life’ of any printed image, handwashing is recommended.
For more information regarding decoration methods, read our Decoration Methods resource here
  • Shipped From:

  • Decoration Method:

    One Colour Print
  • Decoration and Despatch Timing

    One Colour Print : 10 Working Days
  • Shipping Conditions:

    Despatch timing excludes your order transportation time from the SHIPPED FROM city to your shipping address. Please consider this when calculating order arrival time.
  • Packaging:

    Bulk Packed
  • Carton Quantities: